Karolina “Way of Blonde” Brzuszczyńska won during the Fame MMA 11 gala

Another Fame MMA gala took place in early October. For those who do not know what it is, here is an explanation: this is an event where celebrities and influencers face each other in the ring in mixed martial arts. Currently, mixed martial arts are treated as a separate sport discipline, but these are quite unique: the opponents represent various sports, so the rules are not that precise.

During the last gala, one of the most important fights was the one of Karolina, our friend, Instagramwoman, who is also a personal trainer and had trained taekwondo in the past. Way of Blonde is a strong woman who knows what she wants and works hard to achieve her goals. We can see that Karolina supports and inspires many young girls, which is why, as a brand Selfie Project that actively supports #womenempowerment, Maurissē decided to support her this time.

Way of Blonde understands that you need to take care of your skin at all times, especially in times of intense stress and increased physical exertion. Additionally, rest is an important part of any training. With the help of our cosmetics, which are created by experts from the best natural ingredients, Karolina was able to take care of its appearance and condition in a quick, pleasant and safe way for the skin. We proudly supported Karolina on her way to get the cup!

Below are some shots from the FAME MMA11 gala, congratulations to Karolina once again!