Congratulations to the Silver Round winners for the Selfie Project Cup!

Equestrian competitions of varying rank are regularly held at the Sopot Hippodrome: from regional, through nationwide and the most prestigious international competitions in the world. Yesterday, October 17, 2021, the final of the Jump off Hippodrome 2020/2021 series took place at the Sopot Hippodrome. The JumpOFF cycle, which has been taking place for several years in the autumn and winter season at the Sopot Hippodrome, attracts approx. 150 competitors from all over Poland for each qualifying round, who are competing for financial prizes, but also – what distinguishes these competitions – they have an excellent opportunity to polish your skills and preparation for national and international competitions. Congratulations to the Silver Round winners for the SelfieProject Cup!

1. Marek Pawluczuk
2. Paulina Kozłowska
3. Natalia Czech

On behalf of the Maurissē company, Karolina Klages presented the main prize.